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TL;DR: Insurance tried to undercover me, but with David’s help and a second opinion they covered the roof. If you want the job done right, hire Xavier Roofing.

I cannot say enough good things about David / Bob and their team at Xavier. I called out my (nationally known) insurance to evaluate some storm damage. They farmed the adjuster out to a 3rd party who determined there to be 2,600.00 worth of damage, just patch the roof. David assured me that based on his extensive experience they were wrong and that the roof was totaled. I contacted the insurance and insisted on a second look. Well, the next adjuster agreed with David and we went from $2600 in damage to $13,100. Same damage, same insurance, different adjuster. It would have been easy to just accept the initial findings, but David’s experience gave me the confidence to push back and get my roof fixed correctly.

Now I have a new roof and David was able to replace my old 3-tab shingles with superior quality 30 year shingles as well as install ridge and hip vents which have made a noticeable difference in my electric bill as well. Xavier’s installation crew was very professional and thorough, not some recently hired crew that barely knows how to use a hammer. Everyone was very easy to work with including Tracy in the office who was very prompt in getting me needed invoices and paperwork for my records. Everyone I dealt with was professional and honest. In fact the shingle vendor mis-shipped the hip vents, sending plastic instead of metal. David’s crew could have easily installed them just to be done and paid, I would never have known, but they told me they were wrong and were being re-shipped and that they would come back to finish the job right. That goes a long way to peace of mind that the job, and my investment, was handled correctly.

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